How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Guaranteed Cockroach Elimination Services by Trained and Licensed Pest Control technicians Day or Evening

At RN Exterminating, we are experts in Roach elimination and provide safe and effective services that will rid your home of unwanted insects such as Roaches.

General Roach Clean Out Service:

One Apartment: $275.00

$75.00 for each additional apartment or floor at time of initial service.

One Family House $325.00

Our initial Roach / General Insect service comes with a 60 Day guarantee and RN Exterminating will return at no cost if after 10 days of initial service there is still any evidence of infestation.

Although we strive to eliminate your pest problem on the first visit, sometimes an additional service may be necessary after 10 days if activity is still noted, in which case our office can be notified to schedule another service at no cost, but only if there is clear evidence that the problem persists.

We at RN Exterminating always recommend that the customer take special care to ensure that the service location is kept as sanitary as possible, while our trained technicians apply safe effective pest control solutions to your home or business.

PEST CONTROLCockroaches are the most common insects where we can find in our homes, offices etc.,

The American cockroach is one of the largest cockroaches in the Northeast. It is about 1½ inches long with a reddish-brown body. The center portion of the pronotal shield is light brown, while the outer edges are yellow. Even though both sexes are winged, their flight is more of a gliding movement from point to point than active flight.

German Cockroaches

Adult German cockroaches are light brown except for the shield behind the head marked with two dark stripes that runs lengthwise across the body. Young roaches are wingless and nearly black with a single, light stripe running down the middle of the back, and the adults are about 5/8 inch long. Their egg capsules are light tan and usually yield about 36 baby cockroaches!

German cockroaches, or Blattella germanica (L.), are the most common roaches found in houses and restaurants. Most cockroaches have a flattened, oval shape; spiny legs; and long, filamentous antennae. The roaches in immature stages are smaller, have undeveloped wings, and resemble the adults. They eat food of all kinds and may hitchhike into the house on egg cartons, soft drink cartons, sacks of potatoes or onions, used furniture or appliances, and beer cases. Produce departments, pawnshops, nursing homes and other such places are constantly fighting German roaches, and are notorious for being a source of residential infestations.

RN Exterminating can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with ROACHES.


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